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June 30, 2015 by Laura McFadden - No Comments

I’m going to start by saying I need The Hub in my life. For so many reasons. Not only am I a relative newbie to the wedding industry but I also NEED to put myself in situations that fuel me with a jet-pack of inspiration! Working from home on your own can lead you down all sorts of paths. Most of them are good but every now and then a seed of doubt sets in or an email arrives in your inbox that just makes you feel completely deflated. It’s all part and parcel of a great privilege – running your own business – but it is important to take stock, inhale some fresh business perspective and turn to others in your industry who will inspire and support you.

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I first met Kiki at the Chosen Wedding Fair at the Paintworks in February 2015 and instantly felt a warmth and good feeling about what she has created with Chosen. Like-minded wedding businesses under one roof for one day only, to display their wares in the most beautiful way possible. When the email came through that Kiki was launching the The Hub, part of her Chosen Wedding Collective, I knew I had to do it. Before the speakers were announced I was confident they would be the best of the best in the wedding world and I wasn’t disappointed when the speaker list was announced.

The Hub 2

Everyone was fascinating to listen to. Here is a list of all the speakers, their businesses and my highlights from their talks. I throughly recommend a gander through their websites to learn more about them…

Laura Caudery – is the genius behind the staggeringly beautiful Fetcham Park. Laura encouraged us to share our successes and failures from behind the scenes as this can show more of who we are as a business and that we are human too! There was so much to learn from her ethos and beliefs – and great to know that someone else ‘kid spams’ like I do on social media 🙂

Emma from Coco Wedding Venues had branding advice which was second to none. Concept, Planning, Design, Service, Collateral and Consistency were her 6 steps to brand and Emma had created a link on her website purely for the Hubettes to delve further into these steps. I also loved her suggestion to build client profiles to help us find out who we are hoping to provide a service for. I have started this and am having a lot of fun doing it!

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Erica at Mr and Mrs Unique – such good fun to listen to and to hear how her website has gone from strength to strength. Erica’s personality shines through her fabulous online wedding directory celebrating the quirky and unusual.

The Bespoke Bride girls Emily and Jessica were especially interesting to hear from as BBB has recently delved into the world of wedding blogs to find out more about how to tell brides about our dresses. Finding the right fit for your brand was the message that came through and this was really informative as it makes such a lot of sense. Also that ‘how to’ blogs and ‘guest blogs’ were always interesting reads which is definitely something I am hoping to do more of.

Dan @ Hootsuite – I think all of us got a lot out of Dan’s talk. We all know how important social media is to our businesses but having an actual techy right there, in front of us, informing us of ACTUAL FACTS was just invaluable. Who knew that it was vital for us all to be on Google+ and LinkedIn. I am on both I just don’t ever log on. BIG MISTAKE!

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Sundari The Wedding Stylist and her love of Instagram really hit a positive note for me as I have only recently joined Instagram for Bristol Bridal Boutique and I love it! She has taught me a lot about presenting oneself in the right way and good examples of other people and businesses on Instagram. And the use of #s! It’s all about finding the social media platform that you feel most comfortable with. For me – it’s Instagram and Facebook 🙂 that may change over time but that’s fine!

Olivia from Patchwork Present – A genius business idea where friends and family can join forces to buy a loved one/loved ones a gift or experience they have always wanted – ‘piece by piece’. Olivia’s Nan summarised it as a ‘whip round’. Genius. Olivia’s advice to collaborate with similar businesses to come up with an angle for a story is a great way to get publicity -TICK – already on the case! Watch this space. The advice for a PR journey was definitely one of my highlights from the Hub. Thank you!

And last but absolutely definitely…in no way ever humanly possibly least was Kirsten Butler aka The Little Wedding Helper. She is someone who has already championed, helped and advised me on my business journey and at the Hub she definitely did the same for everyone there. From how to present yourself at wedding fairs to getting involved in styled shoots – Kirsten is the person I most admire in this industry. She is an incredible creative talent, has exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and is a very cool person! Last year I attended The Wedding Sessions Kirsten set up with fellow superstar Emma Woodhouse aka The Wedding Reporter. I had just started BBB and I will always have them to thank for gently guiding me along the (hopefully) right path! See blog post about it HERE.

Thank you Kiki. I would definitely recommend The Hub for all it’s stylishness, great speakers, wonderful refreshments, cocktails, networking, fun, professional enlightenment and general fabulousness.

There is also a brilliant film of the day by Alice Underwood. View it HERE