Designer profile for Ritva Westenius
Ritva Westenius focuses on timeless, elegant styles, which is about high quality couture Wedding Dresses in exquisite fabrics and beautiful cut. Ritva is using her own creative ideas, favouring, tasteful designs with clean lines that are understated, yet glamorous whilst keeping an eye on modern trends. She is known for meticulous construction, skilled craftsmanship, beautiful Italian and French fabrics and lace, and exquisite beading.
Chenca Williams, her daughter, joined Ritva Westenius 12 years ago and during that time has absorbed all the invaluable knowledge and skills required to become a professional Co-Designer/Director, after a brilliant previous career as Principal Ballet Dancer in the Royal Ballet for 25 years!
Chenca has brought her own creative vision and directional style to the Ritva Westenius collections and as you would expect Chenca is passionate and flamboyant and this can be seen in her designs, inspired by movement and dance. Brides looking for a red carpet moment will find purely indulgent styles with high fashion powerful dresses that whisper sophistication and glamour.
Ritva Westenius has won countless awards across her career