Taking photos during bridal appointments: BBB’s policy

February 25, 2016 by Laura McFadden - 2 Comments

Taking photos during bridal appointments:

Today I would like to talk about something that has come up recently with many of my brides regarding taking photos during bridal appointments. I am going to state my opinion on the matter first so that everyone is clear about what happens when you visit Bristol Bridal Boutique. You are welcome to take photos if you would like to! HOORAY!

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I have read a few articles and blogs about this subject by people who I don’t know personally but have a huge amount of respect for because of the businesses they run and their experience selling wedding dresses. As a result I have found that I have understood more why bridal shops don’t normally like their brides to take photos of themselves in dresses – and it isn’t because the designers insist no photos or that there is a worry of design copying. So I have been educated which is only a good thing and I thank those who have taken the time to point out these issues through their articles and blogs. These are the main reasons that seem to crop up:

* An Iphone camera may be a decent camera to have on your phone but it isn’t a super-duper Nikon or Canon DSLR which is hopefully what your wedding photographer will be using to make you look the best of your fabulous self – therefore it might not be a flattering photo.

* In your bridal appointment you are unlikely to be made up to the nines with hair and make-up and therefore will not get the full effect of how you will look when looking back on your photos.

* When you try on the wedding dress that may possibly be ‘the one’, you should be going on the feeling in your gut as to whether this is the way you want to feel on your wedding day. Absorb the moment, remember that feeling and it is very likely you will just know. If you are taking photos and looking at them you may well miss this feeling entirely.

* A sample dress may not fit you perfectly – therefore you are not seeing how the dress will look once either ordered in your size OR altered to fit you (as is the case with most of the dresses at BBB).

There have been other points made about self esteem and not posing correctly to get the right photo but you get the gist. These are all very valid points about the issue of taking photos at your bridal appointment. They should be considered and thought about.

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While I COMPLETELY AGREE with these ideas my opinion is based on something very simple…I could never tell a grown woman who is about to spend A LOT of money on a dress that she can’t or shouldn’t take a photo of herself. That’s it. I have actually found the blog posts a useful discussion point when any of my clients ask if they can take photographs but it wouldn’t occur to me to tell them they can’t take a photo for reference which is what nearly ALL of them say they are doing it for and that they understand it isn’t the final look that will be achieved.

So….perhaps the concluding message of this ramble should be – remember that the photo should only be a reference but really take your time swishing around in it and asking questions and acknowledging how it makes you feel. Or even make the decision yourself that you don’t want to take photos for all of the reasons stated above!

Happy dress hunting! x