The wedding dress. The wedding suit. BBB’s personal experience

July 31, 2015 by Laura McFadden - 4 Comments

It’s July, the sun is shining, then it’s raining, then it’s blowing a gale, then it’s sunny again…and it only seems right to dust off the album to BBB’s own amazing wedding day which happened back in July 2009 on the farm I grew up on, before BBB was a twinkle in my eye! Although obviously it was around the time my love of wedding dresses started.

BBB wedding

So it’s another ‘real wedding’ and I hope to do a few of these every year because I am a sucker for a love story, a wedding story and a post-wedding reflection story! Granted I will more than likely only ever get inside access to my friends weddings and the details around them but that is even better and it is still a real wedding after all.

There is A LOT to say about the planning of our wonderful wedding – but this is a blog post and I need to keep focused so it makes sense to talk DRESSES – and suits of course!

BBB wedding

I’ve mentioned it before but my wedding dress was the beautiful ‘Roseberry’ by Jenny Packham gown, bought as a sample from the lovely Deborah at Swoon Wedding Gowns. I think I had tried on around 25 dresses before I found it. I just loved trying them on. I genuinely liked so many styles I found it difficult to focus in on the style I wanted so I just kept looking and trying on. The first shop I went to with my Mum and a friend was Oxfam in Norwich. I nearly bought a 1950s tea length dress for £50 to wear in the evening but just couldn’t make the decision so left it. The next shop was La Creme in Norwich where again I completely fell in love with the Jenny Packham ‘Carmen’ which has now been re-styled but is basically the same as the more recent ‘Imari’. Then it was a strapless, grecian-style Pronovias gown with a traditional veil! That was all in the first day and I absolutely would have been happy with all those dresses! Months went by and we visited shops in Bristol and Cheltenham. I went to Harvey Nichols, ordered stuff from Net-a-Porter and drove to Cardiff to try a second-hand Jenny Packham. I think I then became quite obsessed with Jenny Packham as many do and it was then that my Mum found the Roseberry (thanks Mum!). So quite a journey but I enjoyed it and I explored lots of options. I think that is important. You can still explore lots of options in a short space of time but you might need to focus more quickly! I have a client getting married in 2 weeks and she only bought her gorgeous Jessica Charleston gown from me 3 weeks ago!

I should also mention that we had a legal ceremony in a registry office the day before our wedding day, which was a humanist blessing, and we have always considered that to be the real wedding. So of course another dress was needed! I was adamant that it would be as bright and colourful as possible and polar opposite to my wedding dress which I think I achieved! It is a Lipsy dress I bought on a work trip to Brighton. I love it. Sometimes I ponder about whether I made the right choice to go for all-out colour but for me it just highlights how we didn’t feel that the legal bit was as important as the vows we wrote ourselves….on reflection though I think we both still found it very emotional – I blubbed all the way through my legal vows!

BBB legal wedding

Sam’s search for his suit was still a significant journey to experience! He was really set on a Paul Smith suit but his suits are ‘cut from the same cloth’ which means he found it difficult to find trousers which were bigger than the size for the jacket – or something like that! We then went to Selfridges in Birmingham (yes!) and he spent a solid amount of time being advised by the guys in the suit department while I went and discovered my eternal love for Bare Minerals make-up (true story). By the time I came back he had options to show me and we agreed that Zenga was the way forward with a slim-fitted white Dolce and Gabbana shirt and a very cool skinny black Prada tie which had a subtle tartan pattern when it caught the light. It was a kind of 50s Rat Pack look. Sam had two best men and they complimented his look with black suits and skinny ties. The joke has always been why did Sam have his big chunky boy-wallet in his suit trouser pocket all day?! Habit was his answer but I still look at our photos and giggle that he thought he might need to whip out his bank card while on a Farm in Suffolk in the middle of no-where!

BBB wedding

BBB wedding

I hear a lot of people’s dislike for pink when talking about dresses but I was set on and still love a dark fuchsia and it seemed fitting to dress my Maid of Honour in that colour. She is teeny tiny so I had to find the smallest dress possible and it still needed taking in! Thankfully Ted Baker had just the thing we were after. She looked AMAZING and I was really happy to hear a couple of years later that she wore it to another wedding so she obviously did like and wasn’t just wearing it to keep her bestie happy!

BBB wedding Gem

As I was selecting the photos for this post I realised I had ANOTHER dress for the evening of our wedding day! I am so greedy. But six years on I can still be seen wearing it out and I love it so much. I was an All Saints, very short black and bling dress and it was much easier to dance in 🙂

BBB wedding

As I’m sure everyone says about their wedding day – it was THE BEST DAY EVER. It really was. We were fully aware of how special it is to have as many family and friends with you when you get married and we partied with many of them til dawn, memories that will never be forgotten. I wish we could do it again – exactly the same, nothing different…but if Sam could remember to take his massive wallet out of his suit pocket that would be great.

Photos by Ben Dowden (and some from family and friends!)